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BridgeM creates Rebranding and Marketing Strategy for IoT company Energy Metrics

[vc_icon type="fontawesome" icon_fontawesome="fas fa-user-circle" background_style="boxed" hover_effect="pop" title_text_transform="uppercase" title="24.90%" text="Increase in New Users" css_animation="bounceInDown" css_animation_delay="300"]Here, at BridgeM, we create strategic long term goals for companies in the media, music and tech world. Our goal is to make our clients shine bright. If you haven't checked out our 5 small business marketing trends of 2022, check it out here. We are excited to continue our partnership with Energy Metrics, a 11+ year old IoT energy monitoring SAAS company focused on reducing the carbon impact around the globe. [vc_custom_heading text="The task in hand: To rebrand website and increase online visibility via organic marketing channels"......

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