BridgeM Revamps Schramm Marketing Group's Online Presence for a New Era

BridgeM & Schramm Marketing Group Rebranding

The BridgeM Approach: A 360° Rebranding

For Schramm Marketing Group, BridgeM implemented a comprehensive 360° rebranding and marketing strategy. This included:

    • Website Revamp on WordPress: We designed and developed a brand-new website built on WordPress, ensuring a user-friendly experience and a platform for showcasing Schramm’s impressive capabilities.
    • SEO Optimization: Through strategic keyword research and website optimization, we ensured Schramm Marketing Group is easily discoverable for potential clients searching for their expertise.
    • Social Media Marketing: We established and activated engaging social media channels to connect with relevant audiences and build brand awareness.
    • Email Marketing: We crafted targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and connect with current and potential clients.

About Schramm Marketing Group:

A veteran marketing force led by Joe Schramm, boasts over 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector, sports, and cable TV/subscription marketing. Their expertise lies in reaching targeted demographics and maximizing the value of television programming and sponsorships. However, in today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, BridgeM was called upon to help Schramm Marketing Group refresh their online presence for a new era.


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