Powering up Energy Metrics' multichannel marketing strategy

BridgeM and Energy Metrics Multichannel Marketing Strategy

The BridgeM Approach: A Multichannel marketing strategy

To elevate Energy Metrics’ digital presence, BridgeM implemented a multichannel strategy:

    • Website Revamp on WordPress: We designed and developed a brand new website on WordPress, showcasing Energy Metrics’ innovative solutions and the positive impact they deliver.
    • SEO Optimization: Through strategic keyword research and website optimization, we ensured Energy Metrics is easily discoverable by businesses seeking to optimize their energy usage.
    • Dynamics 365 Email Marketing: We utilized Dynamics 365 to create targeted email marketing campaigns, fostering deeper connections with potential and existing clients.
    • LinkedIn Domination: Organic and paid LinkedIn campaigns were launched to grow Energy Metrics’ follower base and online visibility within the industry.
    • Partner Power: We assisted with Partner Marketing which helped Energy Metrics integrate as a certified Microsoft Partner and Events to expand their reach and amplify their message.

About Energy Metrics:

A leading force in the IoT (Internet of Things) space for a decade, helps businesses achieve sustainability goals with their smart monitoring and control solutions. Their powerful EM.Core engine collects and analyzes massive datasets, optimizing equipment performance across any location and scale. However, BridgeM was called upon to energize Energy Metrics’ online presence and propel them towards even greater visibility.

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