ATMA Global, a digital learning platform for mastering countries, cultures, and global business topics, partnered with BridgeM to ignite their LinkedIn presence.

The goal? Foster a vibrant online community on LinkedIn and expand their audience reach within the platform.

Our Approach: Tailored Content + Strategic Reach

  • Content Revamp: We analyzed key metrics like number of users, target audience interests, and trending topics. This fueled the creation of engaging, organic content that resonated with ATMA’s ideal learner.
  • Hashtag Mastery: We identified relevant hashtags to amplify ATMA’s content discovery and connect with interested audiences.
  • Smart Audience Targeting: Utilizing paid social media campaigns, we pinpointed new audience segments similar to ATMA’s existing followers, maximizing reach with efficient budget allocation.

Organic Reach


Organic Followers


Paid Reach


Paid Followers

Details & Info

Within in the first 6 months, we were able to see an uptick in engagement and follower count as a result of both organic and paid campaigns. Check out the results.