Winter 2023 – Dictionary.com’s newly added South Asian Words

Photo from dictionary.comDictionary.com ( www.dictionarycom ) has added new words such as petfluencer, self-coup, trauma dumping in addition to also revising several words by adding more appropriate definitions. Among these additions/revisions, there are 9 South Asian words in the category 'BREAD'. Words such as dosa , roti , chapati and papadum have their definitions added/edited. Based on the article by Nick Norlen, Senior Editor at dictionary.com, he says "As more and more of these varieties become familiar outside of the cultures in which they originated, their names become part of the English lexicon". We have compiled a list of South......

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The Elephant Whisperers – A South Indian family, Two baby elephants and an Oscar Nomination

Via Instagram: @theelephantwhisperersVia Instagram: @kartikigonsalvesThere are two nominations for Indian Cinema including a nomination for RRR: Naatu Naatu for the best Original Song category.  The 40-min short film initially released on December 8, 2022 and subsequently on Netflix is about a small family, their love towards each other and their unanimous love for raising elephants. With incredible story telling, stunning visuals and a lot of play and fun with baby elephants, this movie captures the essence of the bond between humans and animals.  One important topic that the film touches on is the problem when humans try to harm elephants.......

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