About Us

About Us

About Us

Bridge-M is a media company focused on highlighting brown talent and culture through the power of digital

The Story

The Story

BridgeM was born in the covid era, in 2020, as a traditional digital marketing company producing and marketing multicultural events in the TV Industry. 

Our efforts working in the multicultural space brought us back to our roots, the brown culture.

Now, we are proud to say that BridgeM is home to brown culture. 

The Purpose

With focus on music, sports, food, pop culture and lifestyle, we create conversations and inspire what hundreds of millions of people engage with in their day-to-day lives.

By creating and delivering content through collaborations and partnerships with brown talents and global brands, we bridge the gap between talents and fans and also empower, entertain and inspire our audience to feel good.

The purpose

Prahlad Balasubramanian

Founder & CEO

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