Live Music: LA - Indo Warehouse, NY - Popshift Music Fest, Head in the Clouds Music Festival, BRIC, Summerstage 23 and more: In This Week's Headlines

We are back with another edition of ‘Weekly Browned Up’ to shed spotlight on what’s happening in South Asian Music and Culture. 

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If you’re a music lover, get ready for a wild ride! We’ve got all the latest scoop on the hottest music festivals and live performances that you can’t afford to miss, starting from this week. 

Los Angeles - May 19 - Indo Warehouse ( Indian & EDM Fusion)

First up, mark your calendars for May 19, because we’ve got an electrifying fusion of Indian and EDM music coming your way! It’s called Indo Warehouse, and it features some of the coolest DJs in the game. Get ready to dance the night away with Kahani, Kunal Merchant, and Ethyr as they light up the stage with their sick beats.

(More about Indo House and the DJ’s who are killing it in the US)

Indo Warehouse is a group of DJ's mixing Indian sounds with House music.

Photo via Indo Warehouse on Instagram

New York - May 20 - Popshift Music Festival (Jay Sean, Talwiinder and more)

But that’s not all, because the very next day, May 20, is going to be an epic day for music lovers in New York City. Popshift Music Festival is where you can catch some of the most talented South Asian artists around. We’re talking Jay Sean, Talwinnder, HYDR & PDNY, and many more! This is the perfect event to get your groove on and discover some new artists.

Popshift Music Festival features music from Jay Sean, Talwiinder and more.

Photo via Popshift on Instagram

Raveena & Paravi: May 20 - Head in the Clouds music festival in Queens, New York

If you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve got you covered. Head on over to the first-ever Head in the Clouds festival, where Raveena and Paravi will be performing live. This is a festival like no other, featuring a diverse lineup of artists from all over the world. You won’t want to miss out on this amazing experience!

Raveena & Paravi to perform at the HITC Festival

More Live Music and Concerts!

And it doesn’t stop there, because we’ve got a ton of other festivals and live performances coming up in the next couple of months. In July, we’ve got the BRIC Music festival in Brooklyn, the Summerstage 2023 festival, and the Little Island NYC festival. Trust us, you won’t want to miss any of these events, so we will be creating a separate blog on the events you can go this summer to catch some great South Asian artists. 

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