An Intro to South Asian MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become one of the most popular combat sports in the world. With UFC and Bellator leading the sport worldwide, our focus is now on the South Asian diaspora. One Championship leads their way in the Asian market in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc. and at the same time, UFC is trying to get their fair share of the market by hosting major pay-per-viwes in Singapore and Australia.

When it comes to fighters/athletes in the Asian market, we recently posted on instagram about the second fighter from India to get signed with the UFC, Anshul Jubli

One championship also has multiple Indian fighters both in the mens and women’s categories. With UFC not close to starting their promotion in India yet because MMA in India is not that promotable yet, we have to look at other options. In that line, we came across Matrix Fight Night MMA. The promotion is founded by the Indian Bollywood family of Ayesha Shroff, Tiger Shroff and Krishna Shroff and is run by the OG of Indian MMA, Alan Fenandes.


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Matrix Fight Night

Matrix Fight Night (MFN) is a premier MMA event in India that has gained a lot of popularity among fans in a short span of time. The event showcases some of the best fighters from India and around the world, and is known for its high production value, exciting fights, and star-studded lineups.

MFN Events

MFN was launched in 2019. The first event was held in Mumbai, and since then, the event has been held in different cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad and also across the pond in Dubai in the Middle East. Having successfully completed 10 Fight Nights, they are stepping into the 11th event in a span of 4 years. MFN 11 is set to take place in Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi, India.

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Promoting South Asian Talent

One of the unique things about MFN is that it focuses on promoting South Asian MMA talent. The event features top Indian MMA fighters like Srikant Sekhar, Jason Solomon, Kantharaj Shankar, and more from neighbour countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and more. These fighters have been making a name for themselves in the Asian MMA scene, and MFN provides them with a platform to showcase their skills and reach a wider audience.

International Talents

In addition to promoting Indian MMA talent, MFN also brings in international fighters to compete against them. These fighters come from countries like Brazil, Afghanistan, and more, and are some of the best in the world. By bringing in international talent, MFN helps raise the level of competition and provides Indian fighters with an opportunity to learn from and compete against the best in the world.

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Weight Classes

The fights at MFN are held in a cage, which is the standard for MMA events around the world. The fights themselves are divided into different weight classes, with fighters competing in divisions like Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, and more. This ensures that fighters are matched up against opponents of similar size and skill level. 

In Conclusion

Overall, Matrix Fight Night is one of the premier MMA events in India, and is definitely worth checking out for anyone who is a fan of the sport. The event provides a platform for Indian MMA talent to showcase their skills, while also bringing in international talent to raise the level of competition.

The high production value, exciting fights, and festive atmosphere make MFN a must-attend event for MMA fans in India and also for the world to notice

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