5 Small Business Marketing Trends

2021 is long gone and along with it the marketing tactics from last year. Companies are trying to engage people through more channels than ever before. According to Oberlo, there were 32.5 Million small businesses in the US in 2021 which makes up 99.9% of the total business in the US.

Note: According to the US SBA, small businesses are firms comprising of less than 500 employees.  

No matter which industry you belong to, we have put together 5 small business marketing trends that could be of incredible help to you along your marketing journey in 2022.

Top 5 Small Business Marketing Trends in 2022: 


Gathering information about how users feel after trying your product/service should always be an important step in your marketing. This is not just to make your hearts swell with pride (or lessons for you to improve), but to use this in your next marketing campaign! After every sale, make sure to get a testimonial or a review directly from the customer. 


BONUS: A short video or permission to use their photo alongside the testimonial/review can go long ways. 

This solidifies your product amongst your audience and builds credibility for your brand. 

  • CONSTANT CONTACT (not the tool)

Use online tools such as web chat or 24 hour automated call service to keep your lines open to potential customers. With the marketing funnel slowly diminishing especially for small business marketing and  sales being unpredictable, it is always good to keep your ears on the internet open at all times. 

There are multiple online automated chats you can embed on your website and you can use chats powered by social media as well. 


Don’t overthink what you want to say to your potential customers. Simple and straightforward works perfectly, every time. We all know that audience span is very low and the ad clutter is insane. If you want to cut through that clutter, you have to be simple and to the point. 

3 step rule to creating a design: 

  • What are you selling?
  • Why should your audience buy it?
  • What will they get out of it? 

Make sure your design or content copy conveys a minimum of 2 out of the 3 above. 


When we told you to  gather videos of your happy customers, we actually meant it.  According to a research by Hubspot, 51% of companies have planned to increase their short form video budget and 38% are retaining their 2021 short form video budget.

There are two inferences from this. 

  • People are glued to their mobile phones
  • Short form video works better than other forms of content

You will not need a production team or a crew to do this. Your phone is everything. Keep in mind that short form videos less than :30, :60 and :90 seconds tend to have greater impact.

BONUS: Try animated videos via online tools to provide more information about your product.


We still cannot rule out the power of social media. We all know about Facebook, Instagram, Snap, TikTok, WhatsApp, Pinterest but do not forget about Quora, Reddit, Yelp. 

Keep generating content to post on social media every week. Take advantage of what works for you.

BONUS: With respect to social media advertising, if it works for you and you are within your budget, keep doing it. If you see something is not working, pause and regroup to the drawing board.

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