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Let's start with the results


Increase in Website Visitors


Increase in
New Users


Increase in Page Views


New Partners


New Clients

Here, at BridgeM, we create strategic long term goals for companies in the media, music and tech world. Our goal is to make our clients shine bright. If you haven’t checked out our 5 small business marketing trends of 2022, check it out here.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Energy Metrics, a 11+ year old IoT energy monitoring SAAS company focused on reducing the carbon impact around the globe. 

The task in hand:To rebrand website and increase online visibility via organic marketing channels

As mentioned earlier, Energy Metrics is a 11+ year old company that helps you save high on energy, operations and reduce carbon footprint. 

They are doing some pretty cool stuff. Check out their success stories here

Let's get into the nitty gritty. Our approach to web dev/redesign

BridgeM Web Development Process

As a first step of rebranding and marketing, we kicked off the website redesign process. With the above approach, we constructed the website in a span of 30 days. Once the website was redesigned (image below), we jumped into the research to develop the Marketing plan. (Remember: The client wanted to increase their organic traffic and become the thought leader in the market.) After conducting research on audience behavior, we concluded that the below marketing channels would give them maximum exposure.

Marketing channels engaged for BridgeM's client Energy Metrics
  • Content Marketing to increase website visitors
  • LinkedIn for solid business leads
  • Identifying partners to promote across their regions (This opened targeted marketing across different regions in the world.)

At BridgeM, we always believe in

BridgeM Process

Key Takeaways on how we got those results

  • More time spent in laying out the content structure
  • More internal links and adequate external links
  • On point SEO
  • Page relevant page title & meta description

Finally, here is a glimpse of the new website

  • Client - Energy Metrics - 1
  • Client - Energy Metrics - 1
  • Client - Energy Metrics - 3
  • Client - Energy Metrics - 4
  • Client - Energy Metrics - 5

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